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Welcome to the 4th edition of the CoreStarter weekly blog! Last week, we had plenty of updates and mentioned that we would be announcing 3 IDO’s this week, which we have now done!

We have officially opened our “Platinum Club” for our Tier 6 members. We have had plenty of messages in our Telegram Chat from users who are reaching Tier 6 status asking for “the email”. We will review all new Tier 6 members each Sunday, and send the email to be added to the group. Alternatively, you can contact either @jay_corestarter or @angad_corestarter on Telegram and we can help verify and add you to the group. Conversation in the group has been fantastic so far, and we have had plenty of great suggestions and projects brought to our attention that we are following up on.

After plenty of feedback for our new raise system and allocation amounts in our Community Round, we have decided to implement a small change in how these are calculated. We will discuss this in the group before it is finalised, but we will be adding a “base” allocation amount that users with no tier can buy, with a multiplier for users based on tiers. This will NOT be the same multiplier as our standard Tier system, but a small way of rewarding our users as they climb the Tier Ladder. The base allocation will be determined by the number of participants in Round 1, to ensure that we are not splitting any leftover allocation amongst those who are not participating. Users will need to be staking 500 $CSTR for at least 5 days for the Community Round now. We will have much more information on this next week.

We have gone through all feedback submitted through the form we created, and also all feedback based around our platform through our Telegram chat. Our team has been working like crazy behind the scenes to make CoreStarter more user-friendly, and we are excited to bring our updated platform to you in a few weeks time!

- “Registered Wallet Addresses” tab where you can record your wallets for cross-chain raises
- Tier progress bar
- Updated rewards calculator that will take into account current stake and where a new deposit of $CSTR will get you
- Staking dashboard will display each deposit you have made and the score/rewards for that transaction. You will also be able to unstake each transaction individually with only that being taken away from your score
- Token locking mechanism, opt to lock your tokens for longer periods to receive additional rewards (early stages still in discussions)
- Warning when investing in IDO’s that you can only perform a single transaction per round

Our INO platform will be ready to go LIVE in just over 1 week, which is extremely exciting so be ready for some great Solana INO’s. We expect to have the full secondary marketplace up and running in 6–8 weeks which will further increase the utility of the $CSTR token. Expect some sneak peek images in next week’s blog post.

We have confirmed 3 more IDO’s to launch on CoreStarter! The first to be announced was BitBrawl, the 2D platform fighter game that sold out 10,000 Brawlers in under 10 minutes on Magic Eden! The date of this is still TBA but expect sometime in March. The next was Enrex, the CO2 and renewable energy certificate trading platform. Renewable certificates are a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing rapidly with concerns over climate change and carbon footprints. Regulatory bodies are cracking down on blockchain companies and this will be the biggest leap forward to tackling that issue. Take Tesla for example, who generates billions of dollars from selling these “green credits” to businesses. Enrex will enable that to happen through blockchain technology, making it more secure and accessible for businesses worldwide. Date is still TBA but expect this to be in March too! The last was STRT Button, who we announced a strategic partnership with earlier in the year. STRT Button is a complete token lifecycle management platform. Not only can you mint tokens and create smart contracts if you follow the guidelines and create your own launchpool, you will receive a trust rating showing investors that you are a secure, anti-rug project and be able to automatically lock liquidity. STRT Button already has some great IGO’s lined up which you can check out on their website.

Some other things we are working hard on are token utility and rewards and extras for all users who hold $CSTR. These are still in discussion but could involve staking pools for other projects tokens, flash sales, trading competitions and more! On that note, we are looking at integrating the Cheesus technology into our platform so users can track all token information post IDO for CoreStarter launched projects. You’ll be able to see the top holders, fastest flippers, and all transactions from our IDO (Yes, that includes YOU). We will then be using this to create a dashboard for “diamond hands” and “flippers” in our community, and rewarding the top holders with airdrops, bonus tokens, $CSTR tokens, super tickets, tier upgrades, and more. It pays to HODL.

Starting next month, we will be running a lottery for registered users in each Tier. They will get a “super ticket”. This simply means that they will be allocated double their Tier amount for that raise. We really are trying to build a platform that will give our users as many incentives and rewards as possible. If you have any more ideas, please send them through and we will do our best to make them possible!

That’s all for this week. As always, have a great weekend and please make sure to stay active in our community and spread the word of CoreStarter!


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