The CoreStarter Weekly Blog #2

Welcome back to the another edition of the CoreStarter weekly blog! Firstly, I did miss 2 weeks which I apologize for! We have had so much happening I didn’t have the time to step away, but now we have plenty of recaps and upcoming news that is sure to excite you!

The first of the big news was the delay in the IDO of Ex Sports. We know as much as you when it comes to why, but we have been told that the delay is only for good reason and that for anyone who manages to scoop up some $EXS, you will be well rewarded in your support We can expect an announcement on the big news next week with a new IDO date to follow. I can’t wait to share that with you.

We have conducted a total of 6 raises on CoreStarter now, with all going smoothly and minimal issues with the UI and UX. Currently the main issues being reported are transaction history not showing up once a purchase is made. There is currently congestion on the Solana Blockchain which is causing the log book to miss occasional transactions. All that means is you need to head to our discord and talk to our team, they will manually search your TXid and add to the log book. Problem solved! The same issue occurs with staking so keep this in mind and just remember our discord is your friend.


Our first IDO for the year was Cheesus! Cheesus is ground breaking technology that puts hours of research at your fingertips in a simple dashboard. Be it for NFTs, Tokens, DEX performance, or tracking the trading of the big whales to copy trade you can find it with Cheesus. The sale went incredibly well considering market conditions and we filled just over 70% of the 100k raise. In the past 48 hours we have discovered the change in the tokenomics which has caused a bit of a stir, but working hard for our community we have shown we always have their backs. They have brought on some huge names including Unicrypt, who has over 1m users pass through their platform per month. That crossed with their lead investor being 3commas, despite the drama I feel is a project worth keeping an eye on.

Crypto League Gaming

The next IDO was Crypto League Gaming which was on the 14th of Jan. The raise was only filled around 35% which was disappointing to see. We feel that the eSports potential with blockchain to bridge non-crypto across is huge. I’ve seen a snippet of what is to come myself and I’m really excited to be able to share that once the MVP is ready! With games like Fornite, League of Legends and Dota 2 already supported at launch you would be crazy not to think this will be attracting some serious numbers. They even have exclusive NFTs for each game that you can win along with their local token in tournaments.


Our Next IDO was the AVAX gem, mascot, launchpad, and Metaverse powerhouse Akitavax! During a time that the market was in a downturn we filled 70% of the raise, with our FCFS really over performing! We actually believe the only reason for not selling out was due to the amount of Round 1 allocation that went unbought from users registering and not purchasing. As we guarantee all Tier users who register an allocation, having a large amount carry over with a smaller cap on FCFS purchases will hurt the end result. We have just announced we are trialing a new “community round” which will be an addition to our launch schedule. More on that later. Akitavax primary listing will be on a CEX, keep an eye on their twitter and Telegram for the announcement TODAY!


The last IDO to be completed was the p2e Gladiator style game Gladian! Now this is truly a small Gem with a market cap of only 156k, no private investors and multiple ways to earn. They had a great raise on CyberFi filling over 200k BUSD, but unfortunately only managed to fill just over 30% of their raise on CoreStarter. At this point the market had dipped further, and we had plenty of uncertainty following the Cheesus news! I truly think this is one that users will regret not buying. At TGE the only tokens unlocking are public sales, the pool will open and there is no sell pressure unless users want to sell at a loss or break even… just some food for thought. We are considering a Community Round for this too, but we will gain feedback from the community on that.

What’s next?

Now we have looked back, what is coming up if we look forward? The answer is plenty. We have learned so much from our first 6 raises and will be adjusting accordingly. Users have requested we make staking more necessary, so we are. Soon to be announced we are trialling a new round called the “Community Round” but we are open to suggestions for the name! The issue we have found is there are so many users who register for Round 1, then don’t buy. This causes a large carry over of funds to our FCFS round which anyone who has KYC’d can purchase. So we will be moving to a 3 round system!

Round 1 — Guaranteed Round

Round 1 will remain the same, however we are looking to add a $5 registration fee in USDC for each project. This $5 will purchase you $5 worth of that token during the sale, it is designed to stop users registering and taking allocations away from those who are wanting to participate. If you are opposed to this please reach out to our admins on telegram or discord and we will happily take suggestions on other options.

Round 2 — Community Round

We will then move to Round 2 or the “Community Round”. This will be a FCFS style round but ONLY for users who are staking on CoreStarter. The minimum requirement is 100 tokens and 3 days of staking. You will automatically be whitelisted and able to participate if you fall into this category. As it currently stands that is over 650 users. We are looking to cap purchases at around 50% of the value of a Tier 6 spot.

Round 3 — FCFS

Then we move to Round 3, which will be the same as our current FCFS round. This is open to all users who have KYCd on CoreStarter, which is currently just over 1700 people. As we grow this round should become quite small, if not irrelevant and the cap will likely be very small. That means to really have a good chance at an allocation you need to be staking on CoreStarter. Those in tiers then get 2 or sometimes 3 chances to purchase. That will add up over time.

NFT Marketplace and INO platform

Next we are building an NFT Marketplace. Initially this will be completed and Live in February and be able to host INO’s for Solana based projects. We are trying to establish if we can conduct cross-chain launches however NFTs are slightly more tricky when it comes to this. From there we will build out a full scale NFT marketplace that will work as a secondary market for GameFi projects we launch, and exclusive drops for partners and projects looking for a new market. To celebrate the launch of our Marketplace we will be auctioning 12 Limited Edition CoreStarter NFTs. These will grant the holder automatic access to tier 6 no matter how many tokens they stake, random NFT airdrops from CoreStarter launched projects and also from our partner Polinate games & guilds who have an army of gaming projects. They will also grant you access to exclusive launches on our partner platforms and more so that is something to keep an eye out for!

Next Launches on CoreStarter

The next IDO on CoreStarter will be announced in the next 7–10 days! We are SO excited to be bringing this to you, it is out of this world and the quality of the team and the project is A+++. If you’re not staking yet with our new system starting for this Launch, I would recommend getting in so you don’t miss out. I doubt this will make it to Round 3.

We have more projects to announce in the coming weeks, and are focusing on the feedback we have been given in terms of the projects we are sourcing for our community. All I can say is strap in, get ready, and we are in for a massive February and then March to finish off Q1 of 2022!

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CoreStarter is a cross-chain IDO launchpad with a high-yield staking system based on Solana and other blockchains like Matic, Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance, etc.

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CoreStarter is a cross-chain IDO launchpad with a high-yield staking system based on Solana and other blockchains like Matic, Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance, etc.