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We have been talking about it for a long time, building it for longer, now it is finally here! If you are keeping up with our socials and announcements you would have seen our INO Launchpad is ready to go LIVE! We are extremely excited to add this to our platform, not only increasing the utility of the token, but giving our investors and community another avenue for investing. Arguably NFTs are still the most spoken about asset in crypto, with use cases and adoption growing rapidly. We have delayed slightly in release from our initial plans, but this was to make sure that what we built was 100% ready for launch and will not only be great for our current community, but add great value to the Solana network. I will outline what exactly an INO launchpad is, and explain how the platform will work.

What is an INO Launchpad?

An INO launchpad is used to facilitate Initial NFT Offerings or “INO” for short. Rather than purchasing a cryptocurrency where you’re purchasing multiple amounts of the same token, each NFT is a unique asset with its own contract address. Whether you are buying art, land, music, Game characters or weapons, each piece is unique. If you are familiar with purchasing NFTs on platforms such as Magic Eden or Open Sea then you already know how to participate. If not, it is very simple. We will conduct an “initial mint”, meaning the first sale of a collection of NFTs before they are trading on marketplaces such as Open Sea who I mentioned before.

How does our INO Launchpad work?

We will announce the INO the same as we do for our IDOs, and we will conduct a sale for a set number of NFTs. Currently, our INO Launchpad will only support Solana projects until we integrate other chains. The main difference between an INO and IDO will be the currency you use to purchase the NFTs. As you know we conduct our Token Sales or “IDO” with USDC. For our NFT sales, these will be conducted with SOL. The launching project will have a minting price, which simply means what it will cost to buy an NFT. Unlike a token sale, where you know exactly what you’re buying, an INO sale will almost always be a random drop. This means that there are different rarities or characteristics a character or weapon could have, and when you purchase this you could receive any of those. Let’s look at an example.

John has listed his collection of rare monsters. The sale price is 1 SOL, there are 5 different rarities rated 1–5 stars. Sarah and Dave both purchase 1 monster for 1 SOL each.

  • Sarah got a 5-star monster
  • Dave got a 3-star monster

This is how random minting works and everyone has the same chances of minting the different rarities. The best way to describe this is like a candy machine, did you ever put some money into a candy machine with the toys and hope to get that rare toy inside the ball? This works the same way.

How will our INO sale be structured?

To participate in an INO sale you MUST be staking $CSTR and KYC on CoreStarter, our INOs will not be available to users who KYC’d but are not staking. As you know we have our Tier system, this will still be used to a degree. In an IDO, different tiers have different allocations they can purchase, that will not be the case for the INO platform as the price for each NFT is set.

Our INO sales will initially run for 48 hours unless sold out earlier. The first day will be split into two sections. There will be a ‘pre-sale’ that will only be open to our Tier 6 members for 4 hours, after those 4 hours we will open the sale to the rest of Tiers 1–5. Our “Tier 0” meaning those who are staking over 1000 $CSTR for at least 7 days, will be able to purchase during the second day of the sale IF there are any NFTs left. So to put simply, Tier 6 will have access for the entire sale, Tiers 1–5 will have access for 44 hours, and Tier 0 will have access for the final 24 hours.

Our First INO Sale will be on the 30th of April!

We have been working hard to make sure when the platform is ready, we have a sale for our community ready to go. We are overjoyed that we have done exactly that! Our first INO will be the multiplayer role-playing game Eizperchain. It is a blockchain action multiplayer role-playing game produced and published by Eizper. It is the first game in the Eizper gaming franchise. Eizperchain’s gameplay is a cross between adventure and arena battles. Roam the world of Eizper with an enticing and epic story, or battle in the arena where you may compete against other players for rewards.

We will be conducting a sale for 500 NFTs, with a price of 1.2 SOL each. We will be releasing another Medium Article tomorrow which will go into much more detail! For now, check out the links to all of their socials below and start researching! They are backed by Alameda Research, Huobi Ventures and, with guilds already signed on. Eizperchain NFT’s are pre minted, meaning we will be airdropping you the NFT after your purchase.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and we will be available in our telegram chat 24/7 to answer any questions around our INO Launchpad. If you’re not yet staking, or want to reach Tier 6 before the sale, use our calculator to help determine how many $CSTR to stake.

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