CoreStarter Weekly Blog — Post 3

A Week in Review

After another small break and a very busy few weeks we are back with another edition of the Corestarter Blog. It has been such an exciting week for us, with plenty happening behind the scenes and our best raise to date!

Let’s start with the IDO of Plutonians, the AAA VR-Metaverse-MMORPG title developed on Solana. We were the first to conduct the IDO, with the likes of Seedify, Starlaunch, Bullperks, Gamespad and Blokpad to follow in the coming days! You can see the schedule here on Plutonians twitter account. We conducted a total of $150,000 for the raise, split evenly across the Governance token $PLD, and the in-game currency $RPC. The response was fantastic and both tokens were sold out during the Community Round! That means ONLY users staking were able to access the sale, so make sure if you aren’t already you get your $CSTR and stake here! We had over 1100 individual users participate across both tokens! TGE for Plutonians is on the 16th of February following the close of the remaining IDO’s. Listing information will be announced shortly and we will share this with our community as soon as it is on hand!

Platform Developments

We have received plenty of feedback around the platform and small bugs that users have found. We are working on resolving these ASAP and should have everything perfect for our next IDO. Please make sure to keep providing feedback in our community and we will actively check and answer to help resolve issues. We also hear your requests wanting to see information on each token sale including contracts, listing links and IDO dates. We have created a spreadsheet for now that we will share while we build the interface on our platform that allows you to see all of this information.

Our new round structure has been a success for the first raise we have trialled it with. We have seen better participation with 80% participation in Round 1 of $PLD, but participation in $RPC was only 60% in Round 1. We will collect information from users following the IDO, so please make sure to give all feedback. Only users who were involved in staking $CSTR were able to access this IDO, this is great news for our stakers and an issue we have resolved at the request of our community!

We currently have just over 60 users who have reached Tier 6 status, Congratulations! We have just set up a discord group “The Platinum Club” which is a special group that will allow our Tier 6 users special access to raises and perks that we will announce shortly. Some examples may be private or seed round pools, access to sales that we don’t publicly launch on CoreStarter, and probably the most beneficial being they will get a multiplier on their Allocation in the Community round. Exact numbers are still in discussion but we will announce more shortly. We will be emailing Tier 6 members on Monday from with a discord link to join!

Our INO platform for Solana projects is almost complete. We are just placing the final touches on the platform and hope to have this live for our community ASAP! This will increase the investment opportunities for our community, and our INO platform will only be available for users who are staking $CSTR. We will more than likely structure the sales with access being released in steps by Tier. So Tier 6 will gain access to the sale initially, then each tier down will be able to access the sale after a small period of time. This is still in discussions but is looking like the best option to also help promote staking $CSTR. A small portion of each sale still to be decided, will be sent to a wallet and burned once per month. Once the INO platform is live we will continue to build our NFT marketplace which will work as a secondary market initially for Solana projects, with more chains to be added as time goes on.

Upcoming IDO’s

Over the next week we will be announcing at least 3 IDO’s, and expect that we could possibly be announcing a further 3 the following week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2pm UTC we will be announcing them, so make sure you stay tuned in our Telegram and Twitter for the announcements!

It goes without saying the best way to help our project grow, is to spread the word of CoreStarter between family, friends and in groups you may be in! The larger our community and more active you all are the more likely we are to continue to get great raises like Plutonians. As we continue to sell out raises we will also start to take larger allocations for our community! Thank you all for your support so far, and have a great weekend!


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CoreStarter is a cross-chain IDO launchpad with a high-yield staking system based on Solana and other blockchains like Matic, Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance, etc.

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CoreStarter is a cross-chain IDO launchpad with a high-yield staking system based on Solana and other blockchains like Matic, Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance, etc.

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