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Born to Die

Our next strategic partnership is an exciting one for our community, join the Born to Die discord server with this link

Born To Die is a game that has been in development for over 32 years, sharing many of the same long term values and visions that saw the inception of CoreStarter. CoreStarter looks to solve the long-term issue with Launchpads only supporting large investors, never giving the smaller holders a chance to grow their tier score through loyalty, or secure a guaranteed allocation; this leads to the larger holders always controlling the majority of supply, also creating barriers for entry when needing a ridiculous number of tokens to reach a higher tier. In the gaming space we are currently seeing a number of projects coming to market, not only do many not have a product behind them, they are causing hyper-inflation due to tokenomics not supporting a strong token lifecycle, in-game economy or support scalability. This creates barriers for entry, not only reducing the number of players able to access the game, but crashing prices as players sell out and move on to the next. Incredibly, Born to Die is here to breathe life into the gaming sector and has created a thriving game economy that is scalable no matter the number of players, and barriers to entry will not be created through hyper-inflation.

The term “AAA” seems to be thrown around a lot at the moment, but what does it really mean? In the simplest form, a game that is developed by a medium to major gaming studio with higher development quality and larger marketing budgets. Knowing this, you can argue there are currently a select few that fall under this category such as Illuvium and Star Atlas, however the term is over-used without a doubt. Check out this gameplay footage of Born to Die and let me know what you think, we believe it sells itself. Yes, this is ACTUAL gameplay footage! The Alpha Version of the game has been released, and we will be sharing this with our community to test, more about that later.

What is Born to Die

The idea of Born to Die started in 2019, with the style of game based around crowd favorites including Call of Duty, Counter Strike and Fornite to name a few. There is no doubt that first person shooters are the leading style of game for today’s generation of gamers. The team at Born to Die consist of developers who have worked at leading AAA games of today, Hollywood movies, cryptocurrency exchanges and successful start-ups and VC funds. Most importantly they have been around Cryptocurrencies for years as long term investors. With the amount of experience in business, gaming, exchanges and investing they are a powerhouse.

Born to Die is a first-person OR third-person shooter with unlimited hours of Gameplay. There are multiple maps/environments (images below) and each map has multiple levels, taking 15–30 minutes to complete depending on the gamer. One of the key features of Born to Die is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) inside the game. Having AI means that when you repeat a level you will not encounter your enemies spawning in the same spot every time, it adapts and changes. This also means as you level up and gain more powerful NFTs (Tanks, rocket launchers etc) the game will recognise this and increase the difficulty. Every time a user repeats a level or returns back to kill enemies, rewards from that event are halved; the same is said for the resources available to be picked up. This incentivises players to progress. We will highlight some of the main features below, but for a detailed look at the game head to their whitepaper

Proof of Play — A strong ecosystem

Most games design NFTs and games separate from each other and try to combine them in one fashion or another. This results in a disconnected experience. Further, with the NFTs pre-minted or sold to people, it creates an imbalance in the ecosystem where people with money are always at an advantage over others.

In Born to Die, both NFTs and game tokens will be minted by Proof of Play. Only a very small fraction of NFTs & in-game tokens are to be sold upfront. All the in-game tokens are minted only when gamers finish a particular event, level or mission. During gameplay, gamers will also get opportunities to mint new NFTs. These opportunities come randomly during gameplay and are triggered on the completion of one or more events.

Once minted, the gamers are free to sell both NFTs and Tokens to other buyers. However, to progress in the game, they would need these NFTs in future levels and new worlds. So, it would be smart to not sell the NFTs immediately after they are minted.


In Born to Die, they have created next Gen gaming NFTs. There are a range of collections that you can mint in game, but also some you can only get by participating in their INOs (TBA) and also items like Tanks which can only be earned in game through luck and killing enemies. Below are the types of NFTs you can acquire.

Hero NFTs — Heroes form the core of every gameplay. That makes these NFTs one of the most sought-after NFTs in the BTDG Metaverse.

Hero NFT Derivatives — As the game gains popularity, rather than selling more Hero NFTs, BTDG will give Hero NFT Derivatives, benefiting all investors.

In-Game assets — Every gun, jacket, night vision goggle, car etc in game is an NFT that can be traded, used or sold in game.

Upgrade NFTs — Gamers will be able to collect upgrade NFTs during gameplay. Upgrade NFTs are available for Guns, Knives, Armour and Heroes. These can be traded in the marketplace.

Resource NFTs — Resource NFTs are a unique aspect of BTDG. It plays an important role in the Metaverse. These are tradeable on the marketplace.

Tokens and Economy

BTDG has a dual token economy $BORN and $DIE, we will give a brief overview of those below, however the full tokenomics will be shared in a later post. The game has a circular economy, this is in relation to the prevention of hyper-inflation as I mentioned earlier. A circular economy means it will scale seamlessly as new players join the game — remember no barriers to entry. BTDG comes with an in-game exchange allowing players to swap $BORN/$DIE with stable or other tokens. As mentioned earlier there is a marketplace that allows players to trade ALL NFTs, however you could trade in ‘third-party’ marketplaces if you wanted.

$BORN — this is the native utility and governance token. All activities outside of the gameplay are with $BORN.

$DIE — This is the in-game utility token, gamers earn and spend $DIE to Mint NFTs in-game.

NFT Staking & Rewards — Investors can stake their NFTs to be used in-game, also earning passive rewards and passive income. There are different rewards based on what NFTs you have staked. I highly recommend reading the whitepaper section on staking & rewards

This explanation is just the beginning of Born to Die, we will release more articles throughout our partnership. We want YOU to test out the game, and give feedback to the team at Born to Die and get a feel for the game yourself.

CoreStarter has teamed up with Born to Die to bring you the Alpha Demo to play! We will share the link with our community in the coming days, so please keep an eye out! If you want Born to Die to IDO on CoreStarter we need ALL of our community to test the game and give feedback. Not only will that help us secure this raise for you, it will also entitle you to airdrops of NFTs or tokens from the team at Born to Die to get you started at game release! Addictive gameplay, airdrops to get you started, and one of the biggest IDOs of 2022 on CoreStarter — sounds pretty good to me!

*please note the demo only works on windows

If you have any questions, make sure to message our admins in, alternatively you can message me (Jay | COO) directly @jay_corestarter.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, we are excited to hear your feedback and build a strong, long term partnership with the team at Born to Die.

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