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CoreStarter presents FLASH SALES

With the market being extremely volatile and many projects dropping well below IDO price after launch, CoreStarter decided to hit pause on raises and assess the market in the best interest of our community members. Over the past month we have spoken to many community members and there are still plenty who are looking to invest so we are now introducing CoreStarter FLASH SALE opportunities. This will allow our community who are still looking to invest access smaller sales according to their risk profile. FLASH SALES will be smaller raise amounts that will vary from Public to Seed round. If we conduct a sale for a mix of pre-public and public rounds ONLY Tier 6 will be able to access the pre-public rounds.

FLASH SALE vs Standard IDO

How will our FLASH SALES be different to our standard IDO process? In a standard raise we have 3 rounds;

Round 1 — Tier members (Tier 1–6, 24 hours)

Tier members need to register for Round 1, the entire sale is split across registered users as a guaranteed allocation they have 24 hours to buy. The remaining raise amount is then carried across to Round 2

Round 2 — Community Round (Tier 0–6, 12 hours)

All users staking at least 500 $CSTR for 5 days are able to participate in this round. It is a FCFS style where users are given an allocation based on their Tier level. The remaining raise amount if any is carried across to Round 3.

Round 3 — FCFS (12 hours)

All users who have successfully KYC’d on CoreStarter are able to purchase in this round. Allocations are given based on Tier level.

So how will our FLASH SALES be structured? We will run 2 rounds with no guaranteed allocations or registration required. All wallets qualifying in each tier will be automatically whitelisted, each Tier will have a set allocation amount they are able to purchase with both rounds being FCFS.

Round 1 — Tier Round (Tiers 1–6, 24 hours) FCFS

Round 1 will be only for users in Tiers 1–6. Each tier will have a set allocation they are able to purchase. Round will run for 24 hours and is FCFS, if the Sale is completely sold out in Round 1 there will be no additional allocation for Round 2.

Round 2 — Community Round (Tiers 0–6, 12 hours) FCFS

If there is allocation left from Round 1, Round 2 will run the same as our current model. All users who have been staking at least 500 $CSTR for 5 days or more will qualify even if they don’t reach a Tier. Tiers 1–6 will receive the same allocations as Round 1, with Tier 0 receiving 0.5x the allocation our Tier 1 members receive. Sale will run for 12 hours or until sold out.

Projects conducting FLASH SALES on CoreStarter will still be required to go through our KYC process before listing, however you must conduct your own due diligence to ensure it is an investment that fits your risk profile.

CoreStarter’s first FLASH SALE — DriveZ

We are kicking off our FLASH SALE opportunities with the Drive to Earn project DriveZ!

“DRIVEZ is a Web 3.0 lifestyle application and the first NFT DAO mixed up with GameFi and CommunityFi. DRIVEZ’s solution is to make your everyday boring commuting become an enjoyable and effortless earning moment. DRIVEZ is not encouraging users to drive more (and producing more emissions in the process), but we’ve found a way to make your daily driving valuable and use it to fight against air pollution and plant new trees around the world. Our mission: Turning boring daily commuting into valuable earnings and joining hands to make our world greener!”

Token: $DRIV

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Network: BSC
Public Price: $0.028
Vesting: 20% TGE, 20% for 4 months
Seed Price: $0.015
Vesting: 3.5% TGE, 2 month cliff, linear weekly 18 months
IMC (updated): $250,000

$DRIV token utility

We will be conducting a seed round Sale that only our Tier 6 will be able to access, and a public round sale that all Tiers will be able to access.

As per our FLASH SALE model outlined above;

Round 1–27th of July at 6am UTC to 28th of July at 6am UTC

Round 2–28th at 7am UTC — 7pm UTC the same day

To learn more about DriveZ you will find everything you need from their pitch deck to whitepaper in their linktree here. We will be hosting an AMA with the DriveZ team on the 27th of July at 12pm UTC so make sure you tune in and ask any questions before participating in the sale!

Allocations for each Tier in both rounds for $DRIV will be as below;

* Tier 0 will have round 2 access ONLY

IF you are not staking any $CSTR yet and want to participate there is still time, to reach each tier you will need to stake the below amount of $CSTR by 10pm UTC tonight (25th JULY).

*Based on market price on 25/7/2022 at 7.30am UTC

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