CoreStarter Platform Updates!

Dear CoreStarter Community Members,

As requested, we have made several changes to our website which will make a huge difference to your experience on our platform. The updates range from displayed data, to warnings and pop-ups, to a more advanced dashboard. Below are the updates;

1. Tier Info and Progress Bar

If you click on “Staking Dashboard” then you will be able to see your ‘Tier Info’ as well as ‘Your Tier progress’ bar.

CoreStarter Staking Dashboard

Under Tier info you will have your Staking Balance, Current Tier, Current Points and Next Tier which will help you understand what stage you are at as you move up our ranks.

2. Stake/Un-stake CSTR and Pending Transaction Option

From now on this option will only be available under the staking dashboard option for all the users if they want to stake/un-stake CSTR.

If any user stakes CSTR or invests during an IDO, then they can click on the Pending Transactions option to Check and verify it. This an option we had numerous requests for.

3. Staking Date and Days info under un-stake Tab

Now, users will be able to see their staking date and days under the Un-stake CSTR tab. This will help you understand the point system, but also allow you to un-stake per transaction only affecting that portion of your points.

4. Points info in Reward Calculator Tab

When using the calculator, you now not only see the projected rewards, but the points that you earn for our tier system too. This will also calculate your tier based on what you have already staked in our system.

Other notes

There was a question in our group regrading points, and what it means when you hit tier 6 and your points keep growing. Right now while we are building out our INO Platform, NFT Marketplace, and additional features there is no extra perks for gaining additional points. We have decided that there will be an additional Tier added soon, which will be for users with a certain number of points (still yet to be decided).

Due to the high number of small transactions/test transactions during IDO’s, we have added a warning for any user investing less than their allocated amount. This is just to tell you that you can only make one transaction, please do not complete a test. This should really help our newer community.

We are still working on additional changes to our platform, but thought these were the most crucial to implement due to your feedback. Please continue to give the feedback, we are building CoreStarter to be the best platform possible for YOU.




CoreStarter is a cross-chain IDO launchpad with a high-yield staking system based on Solana and other blockchains like Matic, Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance, etc.

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CoreStarter is a cross-chain IDO launchpad with a high-yield staking system based on Solana and other blockchains like Matic, Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance, etc.

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