CoreStarter — NOT Another Launchpad

How CoreStarter is giving power back to the small investor

Too often all of the best allocations go to the whales who can afford to snatch up thousands of $ worth of tokens at a time, they move them in and out of launchpads as they want to invest in projects and take advantage of the system. Even when small investors manage to obtain a lottery ticket the chances of getting a fair allocation are small. CoreStarter is here to change the game.

Our Algorithm puts the power back in the hands of the small investor, rewarding long term stakers with a multiplier that can land them in a top tier with only a handful of tokens. Did we mention you get up to 75% APY while staking? Let’s take a look at the example below.

Pool weight score is calculated as (tokens*days staked)/10,000

John loves CoreStarter and wants to support it long term, Mary just wants to get into a couple of launches.

John has 1000 tokens, he stakes for 10 days for access to an IDO. (1000*10)/10000 = 1

Mary has 10000 tokens, she stakes for 1 day for access to an IDO. (10000*1)/10000 = 1

Both go into tier 1. Here is where the fun starts.

John has 1000 tokens, he stakes these for 365 days. (1000*365)/10000 = 36.5

John is rewarded for his loyalty by accessing a tier 5 allocation. In that time, John was earning 75% APY, so he’s now in a tier 5 allocation AND has a total of 1750 $CSTR. Did someone say HODL? Now don’t worry about Mary, if she decides to stake long term too, well, you can do the math.

Worth noting too, our staking system actually rewards holders with less tokens a higher APY then those with large amounts. If you stake under 5000 $CSTR you are awarded up to 75% APY, if you are over don’t worry you are still getting up to 60%.

Our vision is to empower the small investors just starting in the crypto space, and create an equal playing field where your opportunities are not limited by how deep your pockets are. Come along for the journey and make our dreams a reality, and be rewarded along the way.

Another Launchpad? How CoreStarter sets itself apart from the competition

With the Solana ecosystem flourishing there are a number of Launchpads starting to surface, so what sets CoreStarter apart from the competition?

Our vision is also our purpose for this project, to give power to the small investor and create equal opportunities for all regardless of where you are in the world or how deep your pockets are. We are reversing the norm and not only giving higher APY to stakers with less tokens, but our unique algorithm also rewards long term stakers a chance to hit the top tier with a handful of tokens.

Staking enough $CSTR will gain you governance on our platform, allowing you to vote on shaping the future of CoreStarter. For more information on tokenomics check out our website and go to our whitepaper.

As blockchain has more and more money invested into it, there are two main threats to look out for. Firstly, hacking is becoming more of a threat and it is important that we provide protection for users of our platform. Second, rug pulls with projects looking to make a quick buck and vanish with our hard earned money. How do we protect our users? From all launches a percentage of the sale will be put into the “$CSTR Vault”, this is to make sure we have funds available should we ever have an attack on our system. We will contribute funds to this before our product launch so you are protected from the beginning. We will also have a holding bay for funds raised before the projects receive the funds from a launch — why is this important? It means that we can successfully distribute all tokens/NFT’s to users before any money is handed over, guaranteeing your investment. On top of this we run a KYC on the project, check all coding and use cases and the value it will add to an ecosystem before accepting them to launch. We make your safety and protection as a user our top priority.

CoreStarter is in the process of building an integrated NFT marketplace and with a team that has a strong background in gaming, you can be sure this will be utilised well in the future with a p2e title in the works. $CSTR will be used to make purchases on the NFT marketplace increasing the utility of our token, a great way to spend rewards earned from staking.

Last but not least CoreStarter will be a cross-chain launchpad able to help any project fundraise in the future, no matter the network they are built on. We are currently built on Solana but have Devs working hard creating a cross-chain network.

Make sure you don’t miss out, CoreStarter is much more than just a launchpad and has some seriously exciting features rolling out as we continue to check off our roadmap.

Join our community on Telegram and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

Website | Telegram Announcement | Telegram Chat | Twitter | WhitePaper



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CoreStarter is a cross-chain IDO launchpad with a high-yield staking system based on Solana and other blockchains like Matic, Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance, etc.