CoreStarter New IDO: ToyoVerse

3 min readFeb 21, 2022

The next IDO to be announced on CoreStarter is ToyoVerse, and sure to trigger some memories of your early childhood. Toyo starts as a play-to-earn strategic PVP/PVE blockchain fighting game with NFT action-figure characters, body parts, and item ownership. It is thematically inspired by the toys of many generations’ childhoods.

Toyo comes from the team at Lucid Dreams, who are futurists that create visions of tomorrow in everything they do today. The Toyos are “bad-ass living action figures” created to protect and fight for their humans. Just like real action figures you can chop and change body parts on these, which all come in the form of NFTs. Each Toyo will be made up of 10 individual NFT’s allowing for almost unlimited customisation. Body parts, items, skills, attachments, even special emotes (emotions), can be bought and sold on the marketplace or traded between players. Toyos will come in thousands of different forms and rarities, you can even train to enhance the stats and make them more valuable.

There are a number of ways to earn playing Toyo

- Battling other players
- Completing tasks
- Completing Challenges
- Achieving high rankings
- Tournaments
- Scavenger missions
- MORE (check out the link to the website here to see them all)

The initial PvP fighting game is one of many that will be released, with the idea to have a title to suit each different style of gamer. Toyo is a p2e ecosystem that was made to be enjoyed, not just to earn rewards — something that is missing in a lot of cases these days.

Toyo runs on Polygon, this is to avoid the high gas fees and slow speeds to improve the user experience during game time.


As with most p2e games Toyo will run with a dual token system, helping create sustainability in their rewards system. $TOYO, which is what we will be conducting the sale for, the governance token. $TOYO will have staking options, that will also present the opportunity to yield from staking systems, treasury yield, and NFT drops based on their holding score. $BOND, which is the in-game utility token, is designed to power the p2e economy. You will need $BOND to enter advanced PvP battles, scavenger missions, customise Toyos, restore broken Toyos, and more. $BOND used for these activities will be burned. Users can acquire the reward token through various in-game activities, or through content initiatives!

Total supply: 150,000,000
Price: 0.30
Vesting: 10% TGE, 22.5% monthly
Initial Market Cap: $663,750
Date: 1st/2nd March

The long term vision for ToyoVerse is not just p2e titles, but a multimedia franchise by utilising the NFT characters and Lore of the game.

Toyo NFT holders will forever hold a percentage of shared profit to any online and offline products their characters are utilised in. For more on this, click here.

To check out their socials, and learn more please head to the linktree which contains everything you need to get started on your Toyo journey.

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