CoreStarter New IDO: STRT Button

3 min readFeb 18, 2022

If you pay attention to our socials you will have noticed we announced a partnership with a project called STRT Button. STRT Button is a multi-chain dApp and token lifecycle management platform. STRT Button will also be completing their IDO on CoreStarter!

In today’s blockchain landscape there are multiple projects that launch across countless launchpads, and it is increasingly difficult to tell how secure those tokens and smart contracts are. We have also seen lately that projects are able to mint additional tokens and make critical changes during the IDO process, which is not ideal. This is where STRT Button comes in, not only helping with minting tokens and smart contract creation, but conducting fair launches, liquidity dashboards displaying all tokens in existence, anti-rug technology and trust badges so you can be sure that projects launching are safe. Lets go over each of those in greater detail.

Token Generator

Create your own Token in less than a minute, currently available for BEP20 with more networks coming soon.

Independent Launchpad Pool

Projects can create their own Pool to raise funds independently as they need, without the need to involve any third party at all.

Smart Contract Generator

With no need for a solidity engineer STRT button will tackle everything from Token sale smart contract, liquidity, to vesting so that fundraising is still transparent and decentralised.

Liquidity Dashboard

Providing a transparent dashboard for funds raised showing the public the entire liquidity including the project launching.

Trust Badge
Project creators have the freedom to launch their project on the launchpad, the more effort given and more trust gained through Auditing, KYC, etc the more likely you are to receive a premium badge.


There are many cases where projects dump team tokens, or have very low liquidity or remove completely after a short period of time. Smart contracts generated through STRT lock liquidity and team tokens for a certain period of time to prevent this from happening.

VIP Access

There will be a special PRIVATE pool for users who lock up their $STRT tokens on the platform. There will be penalties if you unstake your tokens early, but you will receive a discount of 20% plus on purchases in Launches on STRT Platform.


There is an option for an accelerator for quality projects that will help with initial incubation and funding before entering the Public Fundraising stage


Token: $STRT
Total Supply: 400,000,000
Network: BEP20
Token Address: 0xda150fef579a6477e6abcbad549541bb58210f76
Decimal: 8
Price: $0.06
Initial Market Cap: 420k

For token utility as mentioned earlier you will be able to lock your tokens in the STRT platform for rewards, and access to Private pools offering a discount on Public Sales. Projects looking to launch on STRT will need to pay fees in the local $STRT token depending on which services they use.

The need for secure launches and token lifecycle management is growing as we see more and more projects appearing daily. STRT Button has a great platform that will allow you to make safe, educated decisions on where to invest. STRT Button already have some IGO’s locked in after their IDO on CoreStarter. Currently Round 1 is set to kick off on the 10th of March at 6am UTC!

For more information on STRT Button, head to their social links below and make sure to follow them to receive all updates.

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