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3 min readJan 28, 2022


Plutonians VR-Metaverse-MMORPG

This is the most exciting launch to date for CoreStarter. Built using Unreal Engine 5, Plutonians is the flagship game from U.A.Fabrica and is set to be the largest AAA rated MMORPG to be released on the Solana blockchain. Not only will it be AAA rated, but a full metaverse with endless possibilities allowing widespread adoption and in-game customisation. If you have a headset you can even test out the working VR demo yourself here.


As the name suggests Plutonians will be set in the deep realms of outer space in a mix of escape velocity, homeworld, and real time RPG games. They combine classic shooter action with strategy and in-game co-op, building, and collecting. There are two main factions; the Interplanetary Union (IU), and the order of the Nineteen. You can take on the role of a Pirate to board and loot disabled vessels, or take a diplomatic approach to business in the nearest Cantina.

Completing the single player mission is only the beginning! Try your hand at building your own level with the level editor, or explore the work of the community in the Plutonians expanded universe! The best pieces of work will be included in the next expansion pack. Expansion packs will be developed and released FREE, how? As value is created, tokens will be burned allowing access to explore them.


There are 2 tokens inside the Plutonians Metaverse, $PLD (Plutonian DOA) and $RPC (Republic Credits). $PLD will be the governance token allowing users to vote on the use of treasury funds, game development and other ecosystem changes. $RPC or republic credits are the in-game currency. You will use $RPC to make trades, purchases and acquisitions in-game. $RPC is deflationary.

Total supply of RPC is 35b, IDO price will be $0.00125 with a vesting period of 15% at TGE then 17% per month, Initial market cap will be around 600k. The total supply of PLD is 350m, IDO price will be $0.125 with the same vesting period as above. All you have to do is compare a market cap of well UNDER $1m to the current range of large scale p2e games on the market to see there is great value in this.

Key Features

  • Level & story editor
  • Spaceship & component editor (Custom NFT system)
  • SPL token powered spaceships (token burning)
  • Chasing powerful ships, weapons and technology
  • “Real time” space travel
  • Community created levels
  • Free expansion packs
  • In-game economy, markets and trading systems
  • NFT marketplace
  • In-game DEX AMM, Yield farms and lending.

Make sure to head to the Plutonians website where you can see the incredible VR demo, website design, and familiarise yourself with the team and roadmap. The play-to-earn space is evolving and Plutonians is pushing the boundaries in terms of NFT design and user experience. There is no doubt this will be one of the biggest releases this year, and being built on Solana means you will have the highest performance with minimal cost as you expand your fleet in this Metaverse Galaxy.

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