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4 min readMay 4, 2022


The next IDO on Corestarter will be the p2e game Pirates Land. Pirates Land is in the casual game genre that is easy to play and highly addictive! Captains can build powerful boats and conquer all the treasure islands, all while being at the centre of a player-owned economy. To participate in Round 1 or 2 users need to be staking $CSTR already, however for round 3 head to and KYC before 4pm UTC on the 4th of May!

Game Features

Pirates Land is not just built as a play to earn game that only favours those with tokens, but a free to play a game where all are welcome and able to participate regardless of tokens in their wallet. To reap the benefits of the p2e section you will need tokens to purchase in-game items and upgrades, however, you can start with nothing but a PC or Smartphone which makes this game so accessible across many parts of the world.

Play to earn

PVP — Battle other players with your ships to see who is the true Pirate King
PVE — Attack enemies with the chance to win rewards for defeating them
Raid Boss — Staking Battle

Free to Play

Raid boss — Participate in Raids to earn gold
Build the Islands

Earning Points

There are multiple ways to earn points in Pirates Land. Through PVP mode you can select a random island to attack, consuming a cannonball with random results. If you have one battleship you can switch between them. You can reload cannonballs, but this costs tokens, however, you can only reload once every 24 hours.

One exciting feature is the ‘lucky spin’, which you can do to own your battleship. It will cost you $PLT and you could win from a Classic ship to a Legendary ship! You can also use the spin wheel for PvP OR collect points to build your island. You need these points to upgrade and build your island so you can increase the number of battleships you can own!


There are 5 different divisions of battleships; Classic — Rare — Super Rare — Ultra Rare — Legendary. You can use $PLT to spin in-game and get a ship or buy boxes in the marketplace. You can freely choose and equip items to change the appearance of your ships.

Islands and Ports

As mentioned earlier you need to upgrade your Island to increase the number of boats you can own. Upgrading your Island will also increase the $PLT you earn in Monster hunt PvE mode. On your Island you will have your port that holds your ships, you can also upgrade these. There are 3 levels of upgrades you can purchase, each with its benefit, the higher level Islands will also have limited supply.

Level 1

Price: 200 $PLT
Benefits: Activate the ship selling feature on the marketplace, 10% off ship repairs
Duration: Permanent
Supply: Unlimited

Level 2

Price: 500 $PLT
Benefits: Activate the ship selling feature on the marketplace, 25% off ship repairs, daily gift pack that gifts gold
Duration: Permanent
Supply: 2000

Level 3

Price: 1000 $PLT
Benefits: Activate the ship selling feature on the marketplace, 50% off ship repairs, and receive 3x daily gift packs that gift gold.
Duration: Permanent
Supply: 500


Token: PLT

Total Supply: 500,000,00
Network: BSC
Price: $0.03
Vesting: 50% TGE, Linear weekly 3 weeks
IMC: $532,500

vesting schedule

Utility: Staking, Marketplace (buy/Sell), rewards for community events, in-game purchases

You can stake $PLT to receive APY, use $PLT in the marketplace to make purchases and receive it for selling in-game assets such as ships and items! You will receive $PLT in community events as rewards, and use it for in-game purchases outside of the marketplace.


One thing we have noticed from our community is they are always asking about burning mechanisms for $CSTR so it is important to them. $PLT will be burned when you are reloading battleships, completing maintenance on your battleships, when competing with Raid Bosses 10% of the fee to join will be burned, and in PvP 10% of the fee to join will be burned.


To learn more about Pirates Land and interact with their team, head to their socials below! IDO will be on CoreStarter on the 5th of May, with a listing to follow on the 7th!

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